Financial Freedom Campaign

‘Financial Freedom’ is a ground-breaking campaign from the award-winning financial education charity MyBnk.

Campaign Overview

‘Financial Freedom’ is a ground-breaking campaign from the award-winning financial education charity MyBnk.

Money and debt issues have long been taboo subjects that have challenged previous generations, leading to detrimental and at times devastating, effects on welfare. The current cost of living crisis will exponentially impact young people for years to come – it is time to act.

The Financial Freedom campaign will unapologetically tackle the taboo and build confidence with money. Focusing on young people who are in most need, MyBnk will deliver practical financial education to over 250,000 children, in their schools and homes. We teach financial education, providing the necessary skills and tools needed to help form good money habits from a young age, to prevent future money problems and the associated stresses and worries. Our campaign is a pragmatic solution-focused movement to give the next generation the gift of financial freedom.


Research has shown that the effects of financial stress are profound, and the opportunities missed because of poor decision making are life changing.

There is no question that how we handle money affects our general welfare and there is a great deal of room for improvement. For some, this may be moderate and for others, the consequences are more severe. It is extremely important to address the links between young people with low financial capability and how this can lead to other issues such as poor mental health, unemployment, destructive behaviours and homelessness.

MyBnk is about problem solving and creating opportunity. The Financial Freedom campaign will interrogate and spotlight the issues obstructing financial capability. Through financial education we will provide children, carers, and teachers tangible and innovative methods by which together we can change the status quo, to build financial security and freedom of choice for young people.


MyBnk is launching the Financial Freedom campaign in June. Our aim is to raise £3m to provide face to face, digital and virtual support to 250,000 school age children across the UK by 2026.

With our partners we will create research-led ‘white papers’, leverage digital content, utilise MyBnk’s experience to change the narrative, and reach more primary school aged children than ever before.

With fundraising and communication support from the ‘Financial Freedom Campaign Board’ we will engage corporates, individuals and media partners to raise awareness of and support for our campaign. We invite you to join us in our commitment to  breaking the cycle of poor financial capability. Together, we can  and will empower the next generation. 

Meet the Financial Freedom Committee

Formed of communications experts, journalists, finance professionals and founders, the Financial Freedom Committee meet regularly to discuss the campaign and ensure it is promoted effectively.

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