Youth Advisory Panel

We are a group of financial education enthusiasts from all ages

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Come to one of our sessions and you’ll bump into members as young as nine to senior yappers in their twenties – enthusiasm and input are not restricted to age!

Meetings are termly; our aim is to advise and guide MyBnk’s programme design and methods by experiencing them first hand. Anything that is freshly developed at the MyBnk HQ is tested by us first. Thus we gain incredible insight into how a programme comes to fruition, from the brainstorming room to execution in the classrooms of the UK.

We also act as MyBnk ambassadors to events, sit in on job interviews, and receive unique opportunities, from networking to work experience. Recently we have helped design apps and advised The Economist on banking for young people and even ‘Occupy’ tours of London.

So to sum things up, if you are young, open-minded, and enthusiastic about helping young people take control, then sign up and drop by one of our sessions to take part in money lessons, trips, enterprise projects, focus groups and yes, nab some pizza!


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