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Building futures and being smart about money

MyBnk CEO Guy Rigden reflects on the theme for Global Money Week 2022.

I’m delighted that MyBnk has teamed up with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development to bring Global Money Week 2022 to young people across the UK.

From 21st-27th March our experts are delivering personal finance lessons to almost 1200 young people in 16 schools and youth organisations, supported by funders including Compare the Market, The Quilter Foundation and The Centre for Financial Capability. We join an alliance of 175 countries and 40 million young people raising awareness of financial education throughout the week.

This year’s theme ‘build your future, be smart about money’ comes as the cost of living rises, making smart money management more important than ever. Smart choices are particularly important for young people who cannot afford mistakes, like the 10,000 young people leaving the UK care system each year. Our Money Works and The Money House programmes prepare 16-25 year olds for independent living, giving them the knowledge and skills to pay their bills, manage debt and avoid eviction. We’re also partnering with SGN to help young people manage rising energy costs with a new social media livestream.

Young people are also the group most affected financially by CV-19, and missed education and reduced job prospects meant fewer opportunities to learn about and interact with money. As we emerge from the pandemic and into the cost of living crisis, we must support young people to build up their money knowledge and plan for their financial futures. In our view, independent expert-led financial education from organisations like MyBnk is the best tool to achieve this.

Things you can do:

  • Try our free resources – Teachers and parents can download new Global Money Week free resources on cryptocurrency, saving and earning.
  • Check us out on social mediaTwitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook – we’ll be sharing lots of news and stories throughout Global Money Week and beyond and would appreciate any shares. We’re also running Instagram Lives for 16-25 year olds each day at 7-7:30pm, in collaboration with financial influencers.
  • Read about our impact – For those looking to dig a little deeper into financial education, MyBnk have just launched our 2021 Annual Report featuring independent impact reports, new projects and ambitious plans for the future.

Team MyBnk