Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rt. Hon. Philip Hammond, has visited one of MyBnk’s expert-led financial education workshops.

The MP for Runnymede & Weybridge joined twenty Year 6 children at Lyne & Longcross Primary School, Chertsey, as they learnt about saving, interest, debt and risk. Their Money Twist session is supported by KickStart Money, an alliance of the UK’s leading savings and investment firms, who are helping MyBnk reach over 18,000 children.

The Chancellor helped students understand their needs versus their wants and how to make responsible purchasing decisions. He also shared his experience with money and his love for History at school in a Q&A session and asked pupils about their own aspirations and future savings plans.

Chancellor helps young people in MyBnk's financial education lesson

Chancellor meets MyBnk's financial education experts“It’s about getting children to think about some of the things that perhaps they haven’t traditionally thought about. It’s absolutely vital that children go into the world of work with a clear understanding of how basic finances work.” Chancellor of the Exchequer Phillip Hammond MP. 

You can read more about his visit at the Surrey Advertiser.

Money Twist Key Stage 2 is a series of highly interactive financial education workshops, designed to help set positive money habits and mind-sets from an early age.

Expert-led sessions are complemented by assemblies, teacher resources and homework challenges. KickStart Money’s support aims to transform the long term savings behaviour of a generation and tackle the financial literacy crisis in the UK.