It is MyBnk’s pleasure to share our new Annual Report featuring stories and impact data from the UK’s frontline of financial education for young people.

Over 12 months we have helped over 32,000 young people learn how to manage their money and live independently through our innovative high energy expert-led programmes.

In that time we delivered a record 6,600 hours of education in 264 schools and youth groups, an increase of 7%.

Continued independent evaluation proved MyBnk programme participants develop positive money behaviours that last: they start to save, reduce debts and avoid eviction.

Young adults circumstances

This year, for the first time, our work with young adults in vulnerable circumstances exceeded school children, consolidating us as the leader in this specialised field.

Growing concerns on the effects of new forms of debt, money muling and gambling, saw us deepen our knowledge and revamp interventions to help young people protect themselves from financial harm and exploitation.

A huge heartfelt thank you for all your support. We look forward to another year in our mission to create a financially capable and enterprising generation.

Dive right in for the full scoop in our new Annual Report.

Team MyBnk




Team MyBnk