MyBnk has collated a list of our most essential financial education free resources for young people aged 7 to 25.

The lockdown offers an opportunity for adults to help their children tackle topics they may have lacked the time, confidence or skills to address. For young adults, who are particularly vulnerable to the current economic fallout, we have an emergency money guide to navigate the Covid-19 disruption.

These select choices from our award winning programmes cover saving and budgeting, jargon busting and enterprise and youth fronted support videos for various Key Stages (KS)*:

  • Family Money Twist KS1 – A free online home school financial education programme for 5-7 year olds led by families or educators. Helps children set positive money habits and mind-sets from an early age. Link.
  • Family Money Twist KS2 – An online independent learning programme that teaches 7-11 year olds the basics of money whilst setting positive money habits. Link.
  • Story of Money KS2 Comic Book & Video – Money has changed greatly over the years. This whiteboard, video and poster activity helps young people to learn about its past, present, and future by describing the development of money over time. Download.
  • Family Money Buzz – Energy Detectives – An interactive online financial education programme for 9-11 year olds focusing on energy efficiency. Link.
  • Family money skills App KS2 – Nine digital pathways that teach young people the value of money and improve family money skills and habits through videos, virtual shopping, back-to-school tasks, storytelling and ‘demotivators’ that highlights excessive spending.Download from the App Store.
  • Saving voxpops KS2 – A video of voxpops asking young people ‘Why do you save?’. This video can be used as a starter for a discussion with Primary School students about the benefits of savings. Link.
  • Top tenner tips KS2-3 – Help young people to be wiser with their money, with this snappy tips sheet. Download.
  • MyBnk Recommends: Tax Facts KS2-5 – Videos designed to teach young people about tax. Teachers’ packs with lesson plans are available on the Times Educational Supplement website (search for TES Tax Facts). Link.
  • Online Money Twist – Years 7-9 – An interactive financial education programme that brings money to life for 11-14 year olds whilst setting positive money habits. Link.
  • Budget With MyBnk KS3 – A 30 minute budgeting activity which uses video case studies of young people to present a budgeting challenge. Download.
  • Money Dilemmas KS3 – This 30 min activity explores mini case studies of young people with money problems – get your teens to help them solve them! Download.
  • Saver / Spender Snappy Starters KS3 – Are you a super saver, savvy spender or spendaholic? Download.
  • My Money KS3 – Discussion and quiz based exercises, designed to get young people to consider the importance of deals, feelings and individual circumstances when spending and saving. Download.
  • OMG Celeb Money Quiz KS3-4 – What kind of celeb saver / spender are you? A fun and topical quiz for 11-14 year olds probing attitudes and behaviours around personal finance issues such as saving and spending. Using celebrity examples and some maths, the resource allows teachers to explore students reasoning and perceptions on value, goals and the emotional side of money. Download.
  • Money Word Search KS3-4 – Help young people familiarise themselves with common financial terminology with this nifty word search. Download.
  • Financial Jargon Buster KS3-5 – A handy one pager breaking down everyday financial jargon for young people. Download.
  • Enterprise Word Search KS3-5 – Help young people familiarise themselves with common enterprise terminology with this nifty word search. Download.
  • My Choice KS4 – Quizzes and discussion based activities designed to get young people thinking about earning, spending and saving money. Download.
  • Ideas Generator KS4-5 – A 30-60 min activity that can be done on its own, or to kick start an enterprise project. It gets groups to work together and get those business ideas flowing! Download.
  • Uni money tips – Planning For Uni Can Be Overwhelming – especially the money side of things. But, it doesn’t have to be. We’ve created a guide to give you the information you need to become financially independent covering student finance, banking, borrowing, budgeting and spending. Link.
  • University Budgeting KS5 – Great activity for sixth formers considering university – this activity allows them to ‘step into being a uni student’ and calculate the costs of their lifestyle. Download.
  • Next Steps Booklet KS5 – Useful information for prospective students. Download.
  • The Mix – Money Hub – MyBnk has partnered with The Mix to revamp their Money Hub for under 25s. This includes a Financial Health Check triage tool to direct users to a specially designed money management course, text message service or a series of expert authored articles. Link.
  • My Moneycast – Livestream for young adults – A weekly financial education livestream for 16-25 year olds. The 30 minute show focuses on personal finance news and features explainers, special guests and Q&As. Season Two coming soon, click the link for past broadcasts. Link.

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*Key Stages:

  • KS2 = 7-11 years old.
  • KS3 = 11-14 years old.
  • KS4 = 14-16 years old.
  • KS5 = 16-18 years old.