The campaign for compulsory money lessons in primary schools took to the airwaves as BBC Business joined us on the frontline of financial education.

Reporters broadcast live on BBC News from a Money Twist Key Stage 2 session at Sheringham Primary School in London. From 11:45 to 3:45, on the hour every hour, viewers saw how expert-led sessions were helping 7-11 year olds set positive money habits and mind-sets.

Joining us were teachers, parents, funders Kickstart Money, psychologists and fintech experts who were making the evidence based case for quality financial education from an early age. This included impact data from independent evaluators Substance and the Money and Pensions Service (MAPS).

See the whole reel here, including an appearance on BBC London and an interview with our founder Lily Lapenna MBE discussing the origins of MyBnk with BBC Worldwide Radio.

Students at Selborne Primary School also showcased their new money knowledge after a round of MyBnk sessions on BBC Breakfast discussing pocket money and financial terminology.

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