Christmas has come early! Starling Bank is donating £1 to a charity pot with MyBnk for every new account until the end of the year.

The challenger bank is a long term partner in our work to arm young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to manage money and make informed decisions.

Our mission to create a financially capable generation closely echoes their campaign to #MakeMoneyEqual, treating customers fairly and working to improve financial literacy.

We are joined in their latest initiative by CodeYourFuture and Diabetes UK.

The Money House Youth Homelessness Report

Starling Bank have raised big bucks for MyBnk money lessons over the years via social media campaigns and even a cheeky auction of the URL of a rival firm!

Their support has enabled us to teach hundreds of young people how to budget, bank, borrow and avoid unsustainable debt.

Tech for good

We believe in technology for good, recognising that tech companies transform people’s lives and reduce inequalities. As well as spreading knowledge of tools and apps, our workshops recognise the risks of the technological world and teach our young people about scams and fraud risks.

We are increasingly using technological initiatives to aid our workshops and hope to work closer with the sector in 2019.

After our sessions more young people use online banking and make government transactions, such as paying tax, than the national average – boosting digital literacy. See our independent Money Advice Service funded research for more.

Big thanks from Team MyBnk!