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 We are delighted to share our first home school financial education programme: Family Money Twist – Years 1 & 2*.

Aimed at 5-7 year olds, this free online resource is designed to help children set positive money habits and mind-sets. It can be led by parents or guardians or incorporated into educators’ adapted curriculums.

With nearly five million primary school aged pupils in the UK at home it is a unique opportunity for parents to tackle topics they often lack the time, confidence or skills to address. Research shows lifelong money habits can be formed by the age of 7.

*P1/2 in Scotland

Five 30 minute sessions include videos, quizzes and activities to teach children the value of money and delayed gratification by making spending and saving decisions and gaining rewards.

With your trusty ‘Save-o-saurus Rex you will’ cover:

  • Where Money Comes From: Ways of earning money.
  • Practical Value: The cost of everyday items and the value of things in a home.
  • Needs and Wants: Understanding needs and wants, making choices with money and resisting temptation.
  • Keeping Track of Money: Why it is important to keep track of spending and how to do it.
  • Saving: Why it is important to save.

Involving maths, drawing, literacy skills and drama, Family Money Twist brings money to the dinner table to get the whole household learning how to save and spend responsibly. A Years 3-6 programme will be available shortly. This initiative is funded by KickStart Money who support our delivery in primary schools.

Steve Korris, our Expansion & Impact Director tried it out with his daughter, Matilda, 7:

“It’s provided a great platform to kick start money discussions at home. At school she has learnt coin recognition and maths sums, but nothing about how money works, value, income and savings. As a parent I really welcome the opportunity for her to learn more about money at home and from a younger age. She’s very inquisitive so will definitely be asking questions now we’ve got her started.”

MyBnk is re-imagining our award winning offering for 5-25 year olds, including live streams for young adults. We have also created a dedicated space on our website featuring service updates, Home Learning products and Free Resources as well as immediate support for young adults including guides and signposting.

In the meantime, we hope and your children enjoy!