Thanks to our charity’s generous supporters, for a limited time only, MyBnk has a range of fully funded financial education sessions available for schools* and youth organisations across our UK Hubs.

In all regions:

  • Money Works – An accredited survival money management intervention aimed at young adults not in mainstream education. Workshops tackle budgeting, habits, independence, banking and borrowing. On average, debts of participants drop by 60%.
  • Money Twist KS2 – Helps 7-11 year olds set positive money habits and mind-sets. On average, 70% of participants start saving and 68% are now able to delay spending gratification. (Not Yorkshire).

In London and the South East:

  • Money Twist KS5 – Gets 16-18 year olds thinking and caring about their finances, both now and in their short and long-term futures. This single interactive programme covers practical and relevant everyday financial matters.
  • Uni Dosh – Aimed at 16-18 year olds considering going to university. A comprehensive overview of student finance, banking, employment, tax, and the importance of budgeting when living independently.

Book below or to talk to someone on our Facilitation Team, please contact / 078 0521 0814.

* Excludes Independent Schools