MyBnk is delighted to unveil a new free online financial education programme for children: Family Money Buzz – Energy Detectives!

This independent learning course helps 9-11 year olds understand how they can save energy and money whilst helping the environment. Supported by UK Power Networks, it aims to reduce fuel poverty whilst improving financial capability.

Children are led through a digital investigation by Detective Wes, a Manga inspired energy hero, to explore usage in their home. Involving videos, challenges and activities they discover clues to crack the case of waste and uncover ways to cut costs. It uses literacy and critical thinking skills and can be introduced to children by parents or incorporated into teachers’ adapted curriculum.

The 60 minute session covers:

  • Recognition of costs: Where energy comes from, and understanding wasting energy can be costly.
  • How to reduce waste: Looking at a number of practical ways to reduce common energy costs.
  • Understanding consequences of use: In terms of financial and environmental impact.

Cody Prior, partnership co-ordinator for UK Power Networks, said“Money Buzz offers a way for young people to build an understanding both of what energy costs and how to use it in the most efficient way. We are supporting this because it’s an effective introduction to an important subject and part of our wider partnership work to address the challenges of fuel poverty within households.”

Guy Rigden, CEO MyBnk said: “Just as we teach young people that money doesn’t grow on trees, it’s vital to show them how to manage a finite resource. By arming young people with the skills to use household energy efficiently we can help prevent debt, poor credit scores and ultimately, being cut off. Our partnership with UK Power Networks demonstrates how we can make money lessons real and embed positive financial habits into everyday life.”

Our wider offering

Family Money Buzz – Energy Detectives is part of a targeted school programme and complements our home learning programmes for Years 1-2* and 3-6** and 7-9***. These online sessions are underpinned by directly delivered programmes for both upper and lower Key Stage 2 pupils in primary schools. These initiatives are funded by KickStart Money.

MyBnk plans to restart direct delivery of our programmes in schools from September. Contact to request your session or for any questions related to an existing booking.

*P1-2  – **P4-6 – ***S1-2 in Scotland