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The latest from the frontline of financial education for young people.

The UK's premier financial capability awareness event has arrived.

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Expert-led intervention “elevates playing field” for UK’s vulnerable young adults.

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Most young people who learn about money at school save, according to a new survey by AXA Investment Managers.

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Politicians have signed a pledge to support compulsory financial education in primary schools.

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Through wind, rain and more wind, 19 brave volunteers and MyBnk staff battled the elements to complete the Pru Ride 100 and raise over £10,000 for financial education for young people.

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Money came to life in the corridors of Westminster as MyBnk shared the results of a groundbreaking financial education report.

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Victoria is 21. Four years ago she came to The Money House our financial capability programme dedicated to preventing youth homelessness

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The gears are oiled, tyres pumped and muscles flexed after members of MyBnk’s 19-strong Pru...

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Young people can defer gratification and start saving if exposed to expert-led financial education at...

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