The gears are oiled, tyres pumped and muscles flexed after members of MyBnk’s Prudential RideLondon team met at Richmond Park in final preparations for the iconic cycling challenge – raising vital funds for financial education. Our CEO Guy Rigden, a keen cycling enthusiast takes you there:

Fresh from feasting on the latest Tour de France stage, our menu was a little lighter but nonetheless hearty as our team of fundraisers took on 11km circuits and 100m of climbing, and coffees whilst airing our new MyBnk kit.

There is only two weeks until the 4th August and 100 miles of Pru Ride, so the weekend was a time to build fitness and test strengths. A glutton for punishment, my wife Liz is also joining me in four days for the first 187 km stage to Dover, one of three journeys covering 500km to Paris.

MyBnk - Latest News- Pru Ride 2019During the laps we discussed why we are putting ourselves through this! Simon and Andrew both work in the financial sector and see the need for better money skills. “My parents helped me” said Simon, “but not all kids have that input. MyBnk helps fill the gap”. They both identify with MyBnk’s value of being ‘Straight up and telling it how it is’, lamenting the jargon around money that confuses people into spending more than they need or missing out.

Another family rider, my son Theo, 24, is living the gig economy and facing up to the high cost of getting on the property ladder. “I was really impressed by the knowledge and enthusiasm of MyBnk’s trainers and the way they brought money to life for the class. I want to make sure more kids can benefit” he said. His mother Liz added “we are there for our kids even now as they enter their 20s; it must be so tough for those on their own”

As CEO, I’m here to help support and grow the charity, always focusing on making a difference to young people. Whilst I love MyBnk and cycling, these rides will be very very tough. Your support for will keep all of us pedalling to the finish line.

To support our brave fundraisers please click here and to support Guy’s sprint to Paris click here.