Young people are at the heart of MyBnk and we want to ensure their voices are heard when developing financial education programmes for them.

Our Youth Advisory Panel is a group of enthusiasts from all ages. Their aim is to advise and guide the design of our workshops and methods by experiencing them first hand. Anything that is freshly developed is tested by young people before being delivered on the frontline.

One of our Yappers has shared their experience of what our termly get togethers are all about:

“The YAP is such a great opportunity for all young people to get involved in.

I’ve only been to one session but I can definitely see myself going to more. The day started with introductions to all the staff members and the other people there. It was great to meet new people, who all were there to have fun and experience new opportunities.

Young YAP members get to work testing our money lessons.

After a small briefing, we headed down to Nando’s (who doesn’t like free food!). This was a great way for everyone to start getting to know each other more and to learn a bit more about YAP and what it provides to young people.

Getting down to business, we started looking at a new Money Twist activity session those in Year 10 and 11. Even though I am not at that age myself, it was still extremely interesting to see the different stages and processes that undergo to finalise a scheme for the outside world. We got to have a go at the activities ourselves; giving feedback on what we liked and what could be improved.

Finally, we ended the session by brainstorming how the day went, what we achieved and what we hope for the future. Personally, I think the YAP was a great experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a great way to make new friends, who share the same interests as you. For the future, I would love to look at how money affects different lifestyles and how it mixes in with the BIG economy.”  Mominah, 14.

If you would like to come to our next YAP session, sign up here or email

Big thank you to the Jack Petchey Foundation for supporting MyBnk’s youth engagement efforts.