Show us your creative side: we’re launching  a competition for care experienced young people! 

At MyBnk, our financial freedom campaign is calling to end the taboo of talking about money. But we know that talking isn’t always easy, especially if your experiences, feelings and memories about money and/or housing are complicated. We want to give care-experienced young people the opportunity to make your voice heard on your own terms through writing, drawing, and photography.  No questions, no judgement. Your work will be featured in our upcoming research piece on the financial education provided to UK care leavers.

We’ve chosen the theme of “Money on my mind” so you can interpret this in your own way—whether it’s a money goal, a money worry, or a story of your relationship with your finances.

How do I contribute?

Write: You can submit a story, a poem or an article of up to 500 words.

Create: We welcome photographs, collages, digital artwork, paintings and sketches.

Speak: You can record a rap, spoken word or a song if that’s how you express yourself best.

You can find more detailed submission guidelines and instructions for submitting your entry here. The deadline for entries is 9am on Monday 8th January.

What’s in it for me?

Money: It’s not everything, but we know your time is valuable. You’ll receive a £30 voucher if your submission is selected.

Opportunities: Your work will be featured in our final research report on the financial education provided to care-experienced young people in the UK. This will be published and shared with organisations across the UK. We’ll also feature entries on MyBnk’s website in an online gallery, and across social media.

Depending on how many entries we receive, we may also be able to exhibit them in-person. If MyBnk are able to do this, we’ll be sure to contact you with further details about where and how you can view your creation.

Exposure:Of course we want to credit you for your work to help with your portfolio or CV—but you can absolutely remain anonymous if you’d prefer to (see our submission guidelines for more details).

Making a difference: At MyBnk, we want all young people to feel ‘financial freedom’ – a sense of confidence and choice over how they get and manage their money and for this to have a positive influence on their lives. We think it’s especially important that young people who are leaving care are given the support they need to make the transition to living independently for the first time.

We’re producing this research because we want to hear directly from care-experienced young people what support they think should be available, and how things can be improved.

We want to see local councils and organisations working together to promote young people feeling that they have the money knowledge and skills they need for the best possible start to adulthood and living on their own.

More information:

Please read out submission guidelines carefully before sending us your entry.  As well as explaining how you can submit your entry, they contain important information about how you can look after your best interests while taking part, and how you can expect MyBnk to keep your information secure.

If you’d like this information in a different format, or if you need extra help with submitting an entry, please get in touch.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Francesca Crisante:

Image used: Steve Johnson