Our work

MyBnk provides a range of financial education and enterprise workshops for 7-25 year olds in schools and youth organisations. Ideal for PSHE, Citizenship, Maths, Business, and Enterprise students as well as independent living and work programmes.

School age

Our expert-led school age programmes aim to build financial capability at key transitional moments, addressing mindsets, attitudes and behaviours to help young people form an understanding of the wider world of money.

These financial education workshops help form positive habits like saving and delayed gratification, connect the dots between public and personal finance and arm young people with practical money skills. This teaches them how to navigate the system and make informed decisions. Topics range from budgeting, banking and borrowing to student finance, tax and pensions.

Money Twist KS2

Aimed at 7-11 year olds in primary schools. This combines full year assemblies, workshops and teacher and family resources to build positive habits early, such as saving and budgeting and improving financial confidence. Assessed by the Money Advice Service’s Evidence Hub. Free.

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Money Twist KS3

Aimed at 11-14 year olds in secondary schools. This programme covers practical and relevant everyday financial matters including budgeting, needs vs wants, careers, tax, banking, interest, and savings. Proven and evaluated by the Money Advice Service’s Evidence Hub.

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Money Twist KS4

Aimed at 14-18 year olds in secondary schools. This programme covers practical and relevant everyday financial matters including budgeting, needs vs wants, tax, banking, interest, savings, pensions and investments. Proven and evaluated by the Money Advice Service’s Evidence Hub.

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Sporty Money Twist

Bringing money to life through sport. This innovative blend of active games and discussions communicates key financial messages like budgeting, tax and consumer choice in a physical, fun and effective way. Developed for outdoor provision such as National Citizenship Service.

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Uni Dosh

Aimed at 16-18 year olds considering going to university. A comprehensive overview of student finance, banking, employment, tax, and the importance of budgeting when living independently.

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Money Mechanics

A ground-breaking financial and enterprise education programme aimed at boosting the financial literacy and confidence of young Deaf and blind people in the UK. Delivered by the Royal Association for Deaf people and the Royal Society for Blind Children.

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Young adults

Our expert-led programmes aim to give vulnerable young adults 'survival' money skills and knowledge that they can implement immediately in their transition into independent living.

These financial education workshops focus on debt prioritisation, money management and digital finance skills. Delivered through councils, charities and non-mainstream education institutions, we help those often not in employment, education or training or leaving care, detoxify their relationship with money.

Money Works

Aimed at young adults not in mainstream education. This accredited survival money management programme focuses on independent living, digital finance skills and debt prioritisation. Evaluated by by the Money Advice Service’s Evidence Hub.

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The Money House

A simulated living programme in real flats helping young people in, or about to move into housing, manage their money and remain independent. Taking referrals on a continuous basis. Based in Greenwich and Newham.

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Enterprise Education

We see enterprise as a powerful catalyst to bring money and business skills to life.

Through our timed market and social enterprise challenges, using interest free loans and ethical products, young people gain valuable employability and soft skills. Topics range from idea generation, product design and pricing to marketing and customer service. Working in teams, they learn how to form business plans, forecast sales, calculate profit/income and analyse risk and rewards.


A start-up toolkit for budding social entrepreneurs that puts business and sales training into practice. Featuring exclusive ethical products that young people are challenged to then sell in their community.

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Business Battle

From drawing board to marketplace in one week. Young people work in teams to create, market and sell their own enterprise in a competitive environment using real money in a real community marketplace.

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Consultation & Collaboration

We want to reach more young people by supporting other organisations and sharing our expertise in financial education and enterprise.

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Free Resources

Bring money to life with these select choices from our award winning workshops covering topics such as saving and budgeting, jargon busting and enterprise and videos.

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How does it work?

MyBnk’s expert trainers will come to your organisation with our colourful resources including worksheets, powerpoints and audio-visual aids to deliver our workshops.

Sessions range from single 100 minute blocks to full days and programmes spread out over several weeks. Programmes are closely mapped to the National Curriculum, been independently assessed and have won a number of high profile awards and press coverage. We also have a rich archive of Free Resources and links to other providers and services.

Case Studies

From opening a first bank account and trading in real markets, to moving out of care and into independent living, MyBnk’s financial education workshops and enterprise experiences pack a BIG punch!

"Before MyBnk, I just spent"

"I'm getting them on this course!"

“MyBnk changed my life”



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rated our trainers as
‘Good or Excellent’


Increase in young people
understanding how a pension works


 Increase in vulnerable young people saving saving money online

Our Education, Facilitation and The Money House Teams

"When young people understand the world around them, anything is possible. MyBnk helps them to understand their relationship with money and how to make good financial decisions."

Fiona Montgomery

Education Manager

"I just want to help young people have the knowledge I never had. I want them to understand things like APR as much as they understand LOL."

Carl Clark

Education Officer

"Taking the dull elements of finance, adding some real life and making them actually alright, if not kind of enjoyable!"

Andy Small

Education Officer


Nadia Bentoua

Project Manager - Money Mechanics

"MyBnk is inspired by input and ideas from young people, which makes it an exciting and fun place to work!"

Mette Barker

Partnership Manager

"Money really does ‘talk’ and it’s important for young people to learn and speak the language of the financial world they will be entering one day. MyBnk makes it possible for young people to learn about money management in a fun, interactive and inspiring way and equips them for their futures."

Jade Rowlands

Education Coordinator

"Financial education is fantastic"

Bertram Nehls

Office and IT Administrator

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest" [Benjamin Franklin]. we help young people go out into the world with sound financial knowledge and to reap the benefits of that knowledge."

Madeleine Berry

Project Manager – The Money House

"Financial education is so vital, yet so hard to come by - which to me seems backwards! MyBnk is wonderful because we work to readdress that balance - put the work that people need in the places people need it."

Nick Smith-Patel

Education Manager - The Money House

"MyBnk is paving the way for a new generation that will be able to pay their own way, have deposits for their own homes and build their own enterprise. It really is the future."

Tope Chiedozie

Education Officer - The Money House

"Hindsight, insight and foresight is the key to knowing yourself in life."

Natasha Gray

Training Assistant - The Money House

“The work that we do as an organisation is highly valuable to each and every young person out there. The way that I engage young people and do my job is a true reflection of how much I enjoy working for MyBnk.”

Shaneka Griffith

Training Assistant - The Money House

"MyBnk shapes young futures into brighter futures by equipping young people with the financial knowledge and tools needed to succeed. MyBnk gives young people valuable skills which they can use in everyday life."

Jade Edwards

Project Coordinator - The Money House