Case Studies

From opening a first bank account and trading in real markets, to moving out of care and into independent living, MyBnk’s financial education workshops and enterprise experiences pack a BIG punch!

“I can do this for real!” – Taking financial control

Money Twist KS4 - UTC Heathrow, Herman,16, Kenza, 14, Eysao, 16

Almost a third of people in the UK have less than £1,500 in the bank and 15% have no savings at all. We help young people take control of their money from an early age.


“My mind has been blown!" - Shannon opens her own bank account.

Money Twist KS2 Lower - Haimo Primary, Shannon, 8

74% of UK parents give pocket money regularly, yet children are not taught how to manage it.


"I’m shocked about how much tax you have to pay - I really didn’t know that before!”

Money Twist KS2 Upper - Starks Field Primary, Jayden, 9

Adult money habits form from age 7. Despite this, there are no compulsory money lessons in primary schools in England.


"Ultimately, I wanted to help people" - A volunteers take on expert-led financial education

Money Twist KS3 - A Volunteers Take - Noadswood School

We know volunteers add ‘real world’ value to our programmes. Here is one volunteers take on the MyBnk experience


"Anyone can start a business. It’s not as hard as you think” - Enterprise, doing it for real

Enterprise-in-a-Box - Lambeth College - Patrick, 23

In one week we take young people on a journey of selling a product, learning the story behind it, and making a profit, whilst also making a difference


"The pupils respect the subject matter more" - A teacher's take on expert-led financial education

Money Twist KS3 - A Teachers Take - Noadswood School

Different schools tackle financial education in different ways. Here is one teacher’s take on how we support her pupils


"Why don't we have this in all schools?" - Learning to save money and the environment

Money Twist KS2 - Money Buzz - Haimo Primary - Ben, 9

Fuel poverty in the UK affects one in ten people. We help young people understand energy usage to save their family money


"It makes maths real" - Improving teenagers numeracy skills by understanding investments

Money Twist KS4 - Oaklands Secondary School - Abdullahi, 14

Poor numeracy skills are linked to poverty and subtract £20bn from the UK economy. We help build and connect numerical and financial capabilities.


"The more tools schools have, the better" - From the classroom to the sitting room

Money Twist - Wingfield Primary School - Emily, 10

Parents want more financial education in schools. Naomi, mother of Emily, reflects on her daughters final MyBnk workshop.

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“I find it hard to save, but I was given the tools to maintain" - Filling the personal finance gap

Money Twist - Our Lady’s High School - Grace & Crystal, 13

For a young person in England, getting a financial education is a lottery. We use experts to maximise impact in a tight timetable.

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