Case Studies

From opening a first bank account and trading in real markets, to moving out of care and into independent living, MyBnk’s financial education workshops and enterprise experiences pack a BIG punch!

"I found out things I never knew before" - Uni debt vs Uni reality

Uni Dosh - Crest Academy - Isha, 17

Before our session Isha was 70/30 against going to university because she does not want to be in debt - what happened after our workshop?

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"I understand now, it's changed my views on how I spend my money" - How to spend

Money Twist - Heartlands School - Reece, 13

From the minimum wage to money habits. See how we are preparing young people for their financial futures.

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Responsibility and money? Something it's you don't think about" - Income is not a barrier

Uni Dosh - Motiv8 - Marcus & Lewis, 16

To go to university, or not? That’s the £53,000 question. MyBnk was on hand to help youths understand and cope with the true cost of university life.

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"A new respect for money" - Teen Business Battlers doubles his dough

Business Battle - Enfield Youth Services - Sekai, 15

Sekai has always thought about starting his own business but needed help with his customer service skills and confidence.

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"I found out things I never knew before" - Understanding true costs of uni life

Uni Dosh - London School of Economics, Outlook - Tolu, 17

Next year Tolu will be dealing with higher tuition fees. MyBnk helps him and other on LSE's Wider Participation programme understand the true costs of university life.

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