Consultation & Collaboration

We want to reach more young people by supporting other organisations and sharing
our expertise in financial education services

What we do

Whilst there are many youth focused financial education resources and initiatives available, few offer relevant, effective and evaluated delivery at the scale of MyBnk.

With over ten years experience designing and delivering programmes, our charity has the infrastructure, knowledge and people to ensure every session is of high and consistent quality.

MyBnk offers financial education services on a paid for basis. The can include access to intellectual property, training, programme development, evaluation and the operations behind frontline delivery. We also create bespoke resources for projects and interventions and train international organisations to be ‘Powered By MyBnk’. Many of our programmes can be delivered either directly in-person, virtually via secure video link or as online courses.

We are open to franchise partners to help us cover the whole of the UK. Organisations must commit to full initial training and ongoing quality control. MyBnk has UK Hubs in London, Scotland and the South East and North West of England. We regularly travel to deliver in other areas of the country.

Beyond the UK, we can support organisations to deliver under their own brand. See below for examples of Consultation & Collaboration in action.

What do we offer?

UK – Full franchise package.
UK & International – Programme design based on MyBnk’s intellectual property.
International – Training in core subject knowledge, MyBnk’s S.U.P.E.R. (Specific, Unique, Participatory, Effective and Relevant) methodology of delivery and in specific programmes.
International – Training in monitoring and evaluation systems.
International – Membership of the MyBnk Trainer Zone, sharing best practice, inputting into programme development and receiving ongoing support and core subject knowledge updates.
Support in communications and brand building.
Training on sales, fundraising, social media and PR.
Support with securing start-up funding for the project.
Business and financial planning tools and support.

How can we do it?

A tailored package of programmes, training and support, discussed and agreed with you, can include:

Visits to observe MyBnk programme delivery in action in England.
Placement of a senior MyBnk Director with your organisation on a short-term basis as an alternative to London-based training and contextualisation.
Access to our programme materials and resources which you can customise for your country with optional input from us.
‘Train the Trainer’ services on our methodology and education programmes.
Support in developing impact monitoring tools.
Publicising your work through the media, via MyBnk’s network and other channels to build your reputation.

Where have we done it

Latest project: England

Campus Living Villages

MyBnk has have developed a new financial education programme #MoneyHacks, dedicated to helping 13,000 first year undergraduates, in or at risk of rent arrears, gain vital information and skills through workshops, training schemes and myth busting ‘Student Survival Guides’.

The project with Campus Living Village (CLV) will help young people tackle everything from debt, FOMO and the gig economy to loans and living costs.

Money lessons are not compulsory in English Sixth Forms, meaning many teenagers struggle financially during their studies and make uniformed decisions. MyBnk addresses this gap through our Uni Dosh programme, but now we are stepping up to ensure undergraduates do not miss out.

See the full story here, including research from CLV showing UK undergraduates are running out of money before receiving their next loan payment.

UK Power Networks

A partnership to develop and pilot innovative energy efficiency education programmes for young people. Money Buzz is delivered in primary schools and is designed to tackle fuel poverty and engage ‘hard to reach groups’, as part of the UK Power Networks’ vulnerability strategy.

The project aimed to provide young people with the knowledge, ability and sense of empowerment to understand energy, reduce their energy consumption (and bills), and ultimately effect a behavioural change for themselves and across their networks (families and peers). Full story, here.

Building Societies Association.

MyBnk examined the effectiveness and scale of the youth financial education efforts of 44 building societies and two credit unions. We also produced a road map to improve provision. See the Executive Summary, here.


Merthyr Tydfil Borough Credit Union (MTBCU). MTBCU was embarking on a Welsh Government financial literacy project – Schools Saving and approached MyBnk in helping design their 2CUSave direct delivery initiative. Four members of staff came to MyBnk HQ and were trained in the core subject knowledge of our Money Twist and Uni Dosh workshops. They have since adapted the programmes to be ‘Inspired by MyBnk’ and delivered as a one year pilot into South West Wales, targeting around 300 young people. We have also trained staff from Principality Building Society and Cardiff and Vale College to deliver Money Twist KS5 which they are rolling out to students in the College and secondary schools in Cardiff.

Latest project: France

MyBnk trained eight staff from Yes Akademia (formerly Global Potential in France) to deliver our Money Works and Business Battle programmes to vulnerable young people in Senegal. We trained them in the core subject knowledge and delivery methodology of our main out of school financial education and enterprise programmes; Money Works and Business Battle for 11-23 year olds. Hundreds of young people are now benefiting from money lessons and thanks to a license fee, Global Potential are training more of their staff to roll the programmes out to Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Since 2015, they have reached over 200 young people. The local Youth Community in Nianiae has also decided to use the model of Business Battle as a way of generating funds to build a community library.


Sbankiamo, our first international consultancy partner came to London and were trained in all of our financial education programmes, which they then adapted to create tailored “Inspired by MyBnk” workshops. Following the success of pilots they returned for training to extend their offering to include our enterprise programmes. They have reached over 8,000 young people so far.


Staff from the charity Foder and BRSA (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency) were trained in our debt intervention programme, Money Works, flagship financial education programme Money Twist and pre-university finance workshop, Uni Dosh. Both organisations will work together to adapt the resources for Turkey with an aim of reaching nearly 7,000 young people in 18 months before rolling out across the country.

Latest project – Namibia

The Financial Literacy Initiative, a German funded project within Namibia’s Ministry of Finance, invited MyBnk to deliver adapted Money Twist programmes as part of an evaluated pilot in 2017. They wanted to measure the impact of differing financial education projects, and MyBnk were one of four programmes tested. Over two weeks in spring 2017, Education Director Sharan Jaswal delivered to 160 young people aged 12-14 years old in primary schools.

‘I love the Money Twist program because it was a lot of fun and taught me things I never knew, including how to save money. I also enjoyed singing the songs – thank you for teaching us, we want more!” Lugina, Grade 6, Havana School.


For the first time, MyBnk travelled abroad training staff in an organisation’s host nation. Our Education Director, Sharan Jaswal worked with the Private Education Development Network (PEDN) to create “Inspired by MyBnk” programmes. The training included adapting MyBnk curriculum for a local context, training trainers and delivery of pilot programmes. They have since rolled the programme out to primary and secondary schools in and around the Kampala region, and in two terms reached 1,000 young people across 20 schools.

“MyBnk bought a lot of energy and excitement as Sharan worked with the team to unfolded three great programs. This collaboration was very timely and has bought much creativity and innovation to our program and schools. Our young people (and teachers) are loving to learn with new tools, new ways of doing things especially in a fun and engaging way – very impactful and productive!” Irene Mutumba, Executive Director, PEDN


Prudential PLC approached MyBnk to develop a financial education curriculum for a corporate scholarship scheme in Ghana – delivered by PLAN International and local Prudential staff volunteers. MyBnk liaised with both organisations in creation of the programme, as well as local youth to create content and case studies. The result was ‘My Money’ – a set of three workshops designed to give young people the tools they need to manage their money effectively now and into adult life. 140 young people have been helped so far and Prudential is now looking at adapting the curriculum in other offices internationally, and delivering the programme in Ghana on a yearly basis.

“The MyBnk materials were extensive yet very easy to understand for our team. Both volunteers and student enjoyed it immensely. The fun quizzes and activities in particular really kept them active and competitive. It also brought the concepts home so the students could understand and relate to them. All in all, very very good material and everyone was happy – many many thanks!” Frances Baaba Ofori, Head, Marketing & Communication, Prudential Ghana.

Latest project – Brunei

Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam Berhad (BIBD) is Brunei’s largest bank. They sent four trainers to London for six days of intensive training in Money Twist and MyBnk-in-a-Box. They are now running a pilot to three schools in Brunei, reaching 300 people, with a view to rolling the programmes out to all school age children in the country.

Latest project – USA, Lebanon, Vietnam & Guatemala

MyBnk ‘Culture Carriers’ have delivered workshops in refugee camps, schools and youth organisations across the world! We have reached hundreds of young people with our programmes and taster sessions and are looking for partners on the ground to help establish our work there.

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