Money Twist KS4/5

A financial education programme aimed at 14-18+ year olds in secondary schools. Proven and evaluated by the Money Advice Service’s Evidence Hub.


3 x 100 min workshops. Can be delivered over 2-3 separate sessions.

Target Group

14-18 year olds.

Group Size

12-30 young people.

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Money Twist workshops cover practical and relevant everyday financial matters.

Each of the sessions focuses on different topic areas:

  • My Money – Tax, payslips, national insurance, government spending, minimum wage, auto enrolment pensions and careers.
  • My Choices – Needs and wants, lifestyle choices, budgeting, household costs, insurance, pensions, investments, risk and saving.
  • My Future – Interest, banking terms, current and savings accounts, flow of money, consumer choice, forms of payment, borrowing, credit and debt.

See here how this programme maps into the National Curriculum.

Money Twist approaches financial capability in a hands-on manner as young people debate, play games, watch video case studies, and involve physical activity in their learning. Participants are encouraged to give their own views and critically analyse various financial problems that young people and adults are faced with, as well as considering their own financial futures.

The workshops are designed to get young people thinking and caring about their finances, both now and in their short and long-term futures.

Money Twist is based on Ofsted financial education guidelines and references OECD PISA and MAS frameworks. The content maps into the financial literacy parts of the new Citizenship and Maths curriculum, PSHEE and touches on other subject areas such as English and Geography. It is ideal for financial capability focus days, enterprise weeks, or can be built into a scheme of work over a number of weeks.

Multiple Money Twist workshops can be run simultaneously to allow several classes to take part at once.

Money Twist has been evaluated and proven by The Money Advice Service’s Evidence Hub. This programme also won Children & Young People Now’s Financial Capability Award 2010!

MyBnk Cancellation Policy: Cancellations and changes made to scheduled deliveries incur costs to MyBnk. Any changes made less than two weeks in advance will result in a £100 or, if less than three working days, £250 charge per MyBnk trainer. Full Terms & Conditions here.

Case Studies

From opening a first bank account and trading in real markets, to moving out of care and into independent living, MyBnk’s financial education workshops and enterprise experiences pack a BIG punch!

"Before MyBnk, I just spent"

"I'm getting them on this course!"

“MyBnk changed my life”

Impact After Our Programmes


of teachers and youth workers rated MyBnk’s programmes as ‘Valuable’ or ‘Very Valuable’.


profits made from average £19 MyBnk enterprise loan.


of young people rated MyBnk’s trainers as ‘Good’ or Excellent’.

"When young people understand the world around them, anything is possible. MyBnk helps them to understand their relationship with money and how to make good financial decisions."

Fiona Montgomery

Education Manager

"MyBnk is a creative and exciting organisation that targets the increasing need for relevant and engaging financial education for young people. We can and will put young people first!"

Dominique Kent-Saisch

Education Officer

"I just want to help young people have the knowledge I never had. I want them to understand things like APR as much as they understand LOL."

Carl Clark

Education Officer

"Taking the dull elements of finance, adding some real life and making them actually alright, if not kind of enjoyable!"

Andy Small

Education Officer


Nadia Bentoua

Project Manager - Money Mechanics

"MyBnk is inspired by input and ideas from young people, which makes it an exciting and fun place to work!"

Mette Barker

Partnership Manager

"Money really does ‘talk’ and it’s important for young people to learn and speak the language of the financial world they will be entering one day. MyBnk makes it possible for young people to learn about money management in a fun, interactive and inspiring way and equips them for their futures."

Jade Rowlands

Education Coordinator

"Financial education is fantastic"

Bertram Nehls

Office and IT Administrator