Money Twist KS4

A directly delivered financial education programme aimed at 14-16 year olds in secondary schools


Independently Assessed


2 x 100 min sessions

Target Group

14-16 year olds

Group Size

12-30 young people

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A highly interactive financial education programme covering practical and relevant everyday financial matters.

These sessions are designed to get young people thinking and caring about their finances, both now and in their short and long-term futures.

Sessions cover:

  • Session 1: Minimum wage, payslips, national insurance, tax, government spending, household costs, insurance, needs and wants, lifestyle choices, budgeting, unexpected costs, and savings.
  • Session 2: Pensions, auto enrolment, investments, stocks and shares/cash ISAs, risk and saving, Interest, borrowing, credit and debt, and fraud and scams.

See how this programme maps into the National Curriculum and Financial Education Planning Framework for UK teachers.

Money Twist approaches financial capability in a hands-on manner as young people play games and and physical activity in their learning. Each session is structured to look at where young people get money, what they do with it and why it matters.

Participants are encouraged to give their own views and critically analyse various financial problems that young people and adults are faced with, as well as considering their own financial futures.

Money Twist maps into the financial literacy elements of the Citizenship, Maths and PSHE curriculum. It is ideal for financial capability focus days, enterprise weeks, or can be built into a scheme of work over a number of weeks. Multiple Money Twist sessions can be run simultaneously to allow several classes to take part at once.

Money Twist has been evaluated and proven by The Money Advice Service’s Evidence Hub. This programme also won Children & Young People Now’s Financial Capability Award 2010!

MyBnk Cancellation Policy: Cancellations and changes made to scheduled deliveries incur costs to MyBnk. Any changes made less than two weeks in advance will result in a £100 or, if less than three working days, £250 charge per MyBnk trainer. Full Terms & Conditions here.

Case Studies

From opening a first bank account and trading in real markets, to moving out of care and into independent living, MyBnk’s financial education workshops pack a BIG punch!

"It makes maths real!" Improving teens numeracy skills by understanding investment

“My Mind Has Been Blown!" - Shannon, 8, opens her first bank account and starts her savings journey

"Learning to live independently taught me I had worth" Leaving care and dodging bankruptcy

Impact After This Programme


Teachers who thought MyBnk training was more effective than the training delivered by school staff


Of pupils who have not made a financial plan now would


Pupil’s shift towards moderating extreme spending and savings habits

“If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can't buy.”

Kaye Newlan

Programme & Content Manager

"There are people who have money and people who are rich". [Coco Chanel]

Wendy Grace

Programme Delivery Manager - London

"The more you LEARN the more you EARN".

Laura Ellis

Area Manager- South and Wales