Virtual Money Twist – Lower KS2

A free virtual financial education programme aimed at 7-8 year olds in primary schools


3 x 60 minute live sessions delivered over six weeks – 1 X Assembly Video – 1 X Teacher Resource Pack – 1 X Family Activity Pack – Materials sent in advance

Target Group

7-8 year olds – P4/5 in Scotland – Virtual Upper KS2, directly delivered and digital versions also available

Group Size

12-30 young people

Information Sheet PDF



A financial education programme designed to help set positive money habits and mindsets from an early age.

Our expert trainers deliver live and secure online lessons to your school as pupils complete activities in class. This is combined with teacher resources and family challenges. All materials are sent in advance.

Our unique and engaging activities will teach pupils how to become informed consumers, savvy savers, and mindful spenders by bringing money to life and making finance fun.

Sessions cover:

  • Assembly: An introductory video to different money mindsets and the consequences of everyday spending and saving.
  • My Money: Looking at how and where we get money, forms of payment and different bank accounts.
  • My Choices: Making decisions, delaying gratification, needs versus wants and understanding that money is finite.
  • My Future: Understanding why people save, money goals and how setting positive money habits now helps in the future.

Virtual Money Twist involves writing, drawing, maths and problem-solving. We use videos and MyBnk Manga comics to engage students so they can remember new knowledge and form their own opinions. Underpinning behaviour change is the development of executive functions.

Virtual Money Twist KS2 references the UK’s Financial Education Planning Framework for teachers. A direct in-person and online version is also available.

Virtual Money Twist is partially funded by Kickstart Money via The Centre for Financial Capability.

MyBnk Cancellation Policy: Cancellations and changes made to scheduled deliveries incur costs to MyBnk. Any changes made less than two weeks in advance will result in a £100 or, if less than three working days, £250 charge per MyBnk trainer. Full Terms & Conditions here.

Case Studies

From opening a first bank account and trading in real markets, to moving out of care and into independent living, MyBnk’s financial education workshops pack a BIG punch!

"It makes maths real!" Improving teens numeracy skills by understanding investment

“My Mind Has Been Blown!" - Shannon, 8, opens her first bank account and starts her savings journey

"Learning to live independently taught me I had worth" Leaving care and dodging bankruptcy

Impact After This Programme


Pupils who would not delay gratification, now would


Pupils are now pursuing a savings goal


Teachers say pupils now know financial decisions have consequences

"Wealth comes in more ways than one".

Rebekah Young

Senior Fundraising Manager

“Don’t let making a living prevent you from making a life.” – John Wooden

Fiona Montgomery

Head of School Age Education

"A fool and their money is soon parted".

Nick Smith-Patel

Head of Young Adult Education

"Never confuse the size of your paycheck with the size of your talent".

Laura Mattson

Quality & Training Manager

"There are people who have money and people who are rich". [Coco Chanel]

Wendy Grace

Education officer

Andreu Quintana

Regional Education Officer - Scotland

"Better spend an extra hundred or two on your son's education, than leave it him in your will." ~ The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot

Gemma Orr

Regional Education Officer - Scotland

Josh Rigby-Farrell

Regional Education Officer - North West

"The more you LEARN the more you EARN".

Laura Ellis

Regional Education Officer - South

"Save money, and money will save you!"

Naomi Darling

Communications Officer

"If money is the sea, learn to ride the waves".

Jade Jennings

Partnership Manager

"Your future depends on what you do today" - Mahatma Gandhi

Sylwia Szymanska

Education Coordinator