Money Mechanics

A ground-breaking financial education programme aimed at boosting the financial literacy and confidence of young Deaf and blind people in the UK.


Delivered by our partners the Royal Association of Deaf people & Royal Society for Blind Children.

Target Group

14-25 year olds.

Group Size

5- 15 young people.

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Money Mechanics will teach over a thousand young people, living with sight or hearing loss, how to budget, bank, borrow safely, in their first languages to take control of their lives, sustain work, go to university, move into independent living and live life “without limit”.

Just 29% of young people who are blind or Deaf manage their own finances and nearly 70% live on the poverty line. 59% of Deaf children fail to get five good GCSEs, compared to 36% of their non-deaf counterparts and are 50% less likely to go to university than their hearing friends.

Those with disabilities also face a double disadvantage when it comes to managing their money and accessing financial services.

Money Mechanics will focus on contextualising three award winning MyBnk financial education programmes, Money Works , to arm them with core skills and navigate the financial system, Uni Dosh, so they can make an informed choice about going to university and live independently, and Enterprise-in-a-Box to equip them with employability skills.

Sessions cover:

Practical and relevant everyday financial matters:

  • My Money: Tax, payslips, national insurance, government spending, minimum wage, auto enrolment pensions and careers.
  • My Choices: Needs and wants, lifestyle choices, budgeting, household costs, insurance, pensions, investments, risk and saving.
  • My Future: Interest, banking terms, current and savings accounts, flow of money, consumer choice, forms of payment, borrowing, credit and debt.


Student finance:

  • Money In: Student finance and repayment, part-time jobs and tax, bursaries, grants and scholarships.
  • Money Out: University start-up shopping challenge, university lifestyle budget, average student costs.
  • My Bank Balance: Student bank accounts, overdrafts, forms of payment, statements, debit and credit cards.
  • Your Money: Real life stories, student vox pop videos, action plan, Q & A, useful websites, tools and tips.


Business challenges:

  • Exclusive ethical products: A step-by-step guide to setting up a social enterprise.
  • Workshops: Participants are taken on a journey of making a profit whilst helping people and the planet.

Supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, the ‘Dream Fund’ project will arm these young people with the skills to survive, thrive and live independently. We also intend to roll out the scheme via other charities nationwide.

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