MyBnk CEO, Leon Ward, welcomes Global Money Week.

This week, MyBnk joins a global movement as we celebrate Global Money Week 2024 – the annual campaign that promotes the importance of young people becoming financially aware and acquiring the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours necessary to make sound financial decisions.

This year’s theme is “protect your money, secure your future” and we will focus on making young people aware of the potential risks to their personal finances such as scams, phishing and money muling, to help protect their hard-earned money. The theme perfectly aligns with our mission at MyBnk: to equip young people with the knowledge and confidence to manage their finances effectively.

The financial landscape is constantly evolving and navigating it can be daunting for young people.  From managing a budget and choosing a bank account to saving for a big purchase, the decisions made today can have a lasting impact. At MyBnk, we’ll use Global Money Week to kickstart those all-important conversations about money.

What we’ll be doing throughout Global Money Week:

  • Taking a dynamic approach to financial education on social media.
    We’re excited to collaborate with a group of social media influencers that young people can relate to, as they simplify complex and often taboo money topics.
  • Launching our digital hub: Money Ready.
    This one-stop shop for 14-25 year olds is packed with informative videos, engaging articles, and interactive activities designed to make financial education fun and accessible. We even have a money readiness quiz to test their financial savviness.

Leon Ward, said: MyBnk’s prime focus is delivering a sound financial education to children and young people. Financial education is an extremely powerful tool that enables individuals to make informed decisions and take control of their money – two essential skills needed in the constantly evolving financial world we live in. During Global Money Week, we encourage everyone to take an active step towards learning more about their money and keeping a watchful eye over things that can negative impact on them, like scams, so that young people’s hard-earned money can be protected.”

Global Money Week is just the beginning. At MyBnk, we’re committed to providing ongoing financial education throughout the year to ensure young people feel confident, prepared and ready for their financial future.

Financial literacy is an empowering tool. This Global Money Week and beyond, let’s pledge to work together to make financial literacy the norm, not the exception.

Follow the campaign online by searching #GlobalMoneyWeek2024