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Alessio shares his experience doing work experience with MyBnk

Hi, I’m Alessio. I’ve just finished year 13 and will be going to university soon. I was fortunate enough to join MyBnk for a week of work experience.

I wanted to do work experience with MyBnk because I want to work in finance when I’m older. It is a broad field, so I’m still exploring the routes available to me.

I’m grateful for my week with MyBnk as I have understood more about the importance of financial education and why young people need it. This became particularly clear to me when I spent a day experiencing one of MyBnk’s Money House sessions. This is a course for young adults aimed at preventing youth homelessness. I worked closely with 4 young adults who came from various countries at a young age. The trainer focused on the importance of banking and budgeting.  I learnt a lot and I was impressed by the way the trainer overcame the language barrier with a variety of activities to bring the content to life.

I also worked in the content creation team, which builds content for these courses, as well as for other programmes aimed at both primary and secondary school children. I was fascinated by the huge amount of thought put into every part of the lesson. Being a young person, I was able to provide a youth perspective and make the lessons both educational and enjoyable.

Another highlight was working with the fundraising team. I learned that there are many different ways in which MyBnk works with funders. I had the opportunity to sit in an initial discussion between the team and potential funders and it was really interesting to see how their relationship developed in such a short space of time.

Finally, I worked with the Communications team. I learnt about different marketing strategies and even recorded some content for MyBnk. It was really cool to see how videos gets edited and eventually distributed on social media and the website.

My week at MyBnk was invaluable and I would definitely recommend it to other young people. I would like to thank the various departments that I worked with as they put together an amazing plan of activities for me. To those considering attending the money houses or applying for some work experience, I would definitely recommend it.

Thank you MyBnk!

If you or your school are interested in getting involved in work experience or taking part in MyBnk’s work, please contact wendy.grace@mybnk.org.