Corporate Support

Could your company help us provide vital financial education to young people?

There are a variety of ways that companies can work with MyBnk and engage your staff in our work:


Quilter PLC is supporting MyBnk’s expansion in the South East of England, centred on Southampton. The three year project will help 3,500 young people. They also support delivery in London and the Isle of Man.

“Collaboration between grassroots charities and local employers can make a powerful impact on the frontline. Our work with MyBnk is helping ensure young people make wise spending decisions so they can live more prosperous lives.”

Jane Goodland, Responsible Business Director, Quilter PLC.


MUFG selected MyBnk as their Charity Partner, supporting programme delivery for young people in Tower Hamlets and Islington. Staff have also organised fundraising activities to aid core funding and volunteer in workshops.

“It was a great session to be a part of; as a volunteer, I felt I was able to add value to the session and really give important insights into the realities of university life. I learnt quite a bit myself!”

Angus MacGregor,Chief HR Officer, MUFG.

Ways YOU can help

Corporate Donations – Make a donation to support MyBnk’s work in financial and/or enterprise education across England or speak to us about tailoring a project to meet your specific CSR priorities.
Charity of the Year – Selecting MyBnk as your Charity of the Year and encouraging employees to support our work means contributing to an organisation that has a proven impact on the lives of young people. The need for financial education is becoming more and more pressing, as living costs and poverty levels rise.
Cause Related Marketing – Promote your organisation’s ethical credentials by donating some of your sales to MyBnk. Alternatively pledge a small donation to MyBnk when your clients pay their invoices on time. In 2017, we partnered with Twenty84, who have remained our generous supporters in this way ever since.
Customer Engagement – Engage your customers in a campaign to help build a financially literate generation, for example by adding an optional donation to the bill.
Employee Fundraising – Join together with your colleagues in a fun activity to help us tackle the root causes of poverty. Check out our fundraising page for inspiration.
Payroll Giving – Facilitate the opportunity for employees to donate directly to MyBnk from their salary. offers advice here on setting this up.

Whether you fundraise, work with us on a cause-related marketing campaign, choose us as your charity of the year or make a grant towards our work, we would love to hear from you.

We are always keen to strengthen our existing relationships and develop new ones. MyBnk has a number exciting projects for which we are seeking support; from our core suite of evaluated programmes and the development of specialised delivery methodologies to extending our reach to new audiences, such as young employtees, those who are visually or hearing impaired, unaccompanied asylum seekers, young offenders and learners as young as five.

We offer many benefits to our valued corporate supporters. These can include:

Making a real difference to the lives of young people in your local community.
Positive PR and brand association with the use of MyBnk’s logo on your website and opportunities for press coverage.
Recognition on the MyBnk website, annual report and social media.
Employee engagement opportunities.
Dedicated account manager and regular reporting on the impact of your funding.
The opportunity to fulfil your CSR commitments.

We would welcome a conversation with you to explore how MyBnk could add value to your CSR priorities. Now is a great time to build your company’s profile and reputation through an association with MyBnk.

For all corporate enquiries please contact or on 020 3581 9920.

Thank you to our current corporate partners, including J.P. Morgan, The Berkeley Foundation, Aberdeen Asset Management, Man Charitable Trust, Wellington Management UK Foundation, Twenty84, Octopus, City Bridge Trust and Kickstart Money. For a full list of our supporters please click here

Income Team

"Control your money or it'll control you".

Michelle Heywood

Commercial Director

Adam Foster

Fundraising Officer

"A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart." [Jonathan Swift]

Philippa Swift

Business Development Assistant