Is MyBnk a bank?

Afraid not! We do not offer any saving or lending facilities. Our Youth Advisory Panel actually came up with our name, minus the ‘a’ to be legit innit.

Where do MyBnk work

MyBnk works with hundreds of schools, colleges and youth organisations in and around London and the south, south east, and north west of England. We do run limited sessions outside of these areas throughout the UK. Please contact info@mybnk.org for more.

What ages and organisations do you work with?

5-25 year olds in a variety of settings – from mainstream schools and pupil referral units to colleges, youth hostels, employability organisations and young parent groups.

Who works at MyBnk?

We are an diverse team passionate about our cause. Our People include trained teachers, former private sector financiers and youth workers. See our Careers & Volunteering page for the latest vacancies.

I would like to volunteer

Awesome! However, our volunteering opportunities are currently only available as part of our corporate partnership offering. Please, still contact info@mybnk.org to register your interest as this may change in the near future.

How is MyBnk funded?

Our funding comes from a range of sources, mainly from grant making trusts and foundations, corporate partnerships, private donations and part payment for our services from host organisations.

How is MyBnk independent?

MyBnk does not promote any commercial brands or recommend products or services. There is no corporate branding in our sessions. We also do not provide any financial advice.