Case Studies

From opening a first bank account to moving out of care and into independent living, MyBnk’s financial education workshops pack a BIG punch!

“Always save your money for the future, you might really need it then.” - Saving up

Money Twist P3-6 - Colinton Primary, Atiksh, Eden, Zoya

3/5 primary school pupils struggle with basic personal finance terminology and only 1/3 can delay spending gratification.


"It's been different this year..." - Understanding money at 10 in a pandemic

Money Twist KS2 Upper - Jayden, 10

Saving, spending, telling off his brother. Lots has changed since 10-year-old Jayden's first money lesson. A year on, what does he and his teacher think of financial education?

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"Uni isn’t expensive as it seems" - Making informed decisions

Uni Dosh - Burgate Sixth Form, Andrew and Luke, 17

With fees topping £9,000 and courses forced online, young people must carefully consider the financial implications of studying. We busts myths about student life and finance.


'If I don't learn this, I won't get anywhere'' - Switching on

Money Twist KS2 Lower - Haimo Primary, Shannon, 9

Shannon did not know she had a bank account and used to spend all her pocket money. See how Money Twist is helping young people set positive money habits and mindsets from an early age.

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“I can do this for real!” – Taking financial control

Money Twist KS4 - UTC Heathrow, Herman,16, Kenza, 14, Eysao, 16

Almost a third of people in the UK have less than £1,500 in the bank and 15% have no savings at all. We help young people take control of their money from an early age.


“My mind has been blown!" - The start of a financial education journey

Money Twist KS2 Lower - Haimo Primary, Shannon, 8

74% of UK parents give pocket money regularly, yet children are not taught how to manage it.


"I’m shocked about how much tax you have to pay - I really didn’t know that before!”

Money Twist KS2 Upper - Starks Field Primary, Jayden, 9

Adult money habits form from age 7. Despite this, there are no compulsory money lessons in primary schools in England.


"Ultimately, I wanted to help people" - A volunteers take on expert-led financial education

Money Twist KS3 - A Volunteers Take - Noadswood School

We know volunteers add ‘real world’ value to our programmes. Here is one volunteers take on the MyBnk experience


"Anyone can start a business. It’s not as hard as you think” - Enterprise, doing it for real

Enterprise-in-a-Box - Lambeth College - Patrick, 23

In one week we take young people on a journey of selling a product, learning the story behind it, and making a profit, whilst also making a difference


"The pupils respect the subject matter more" - A teacher's take on expert-led financial education

Money Twist KS3 - A Teachers Take - Noadswood School

Different schools tackle financial education in different ways. Here is one teacher’s take on how we support her pupils

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